How Does Influencer Marketing Work?

1. Partnership Inquiry

KOLs interested in collaboration are welcome to submit partnership inquiries to Please include details about your audience, engagement metrics, and collaboration ideas. Based on your circumstances, we provide diverse collaboration options, including fees, product exchanges, discounts, and more.

2. Product Presentation

KOLs are encouraged to present our artificial flower products creatively and authentically. High-resolution images and engaging content that showcase the quality and versatility of our products are highly appreciated.

3. Customization Options

KOLs may explore customization options for content creation, such as featuring unique floral arrangements or color variations. Custom requests can be discussed with our marketing team to ensure alignment with brand aesthetics.

4. Disclosure

Transparency is crucial. KOLs are required to clearly disclose any partnership with our brand in their content captions or descriptions, following relevant disclosure guidelines.

5. Usage of Brand Assets

Authorized brand assets, including logos and images, may be provided for use in promotional materials. Approval is required before incorporating any brand assets to maintain brand consistency.

6. Content Approval

KOLs must submit content drafts for approval before publishing. This step ensures alignment with our brand image and values. Timely communication with our marketing team is essential during the content creation process.

7. Promotion Period

Agreed-upon promotion periods should be strictly adhered to by both parties. Any requested extensions or adjustments should be discussed and agreed upon with our marketing team.

8. Social Media Platforms

KOLs are encouraged to promote our products on various social media platforms where their audience engages most actively, including but not limited to Instagram, YouTube, and TikTok. Cross-promotion on multiple platforms is welcomed for increased visibility.

9. Engagement and Communication

KOLs are expected to actively engage with their audience's comments and inquiries related to our products. Open communication with our marketing team regarding any audience feedback or concerns is highly encouraged.

10. Performance Analytics

Both parties will collaboratively analyze performance metrics, including reach, engagement, and conversion rates. Insights from analytics will be used to optimize future collaborations for mutual benefit.

11. Compensation

Compensation details, including fees or product exchanges, will be discussed and agreed upon before the collaboration begins. Clear terms regarding compensation, deliverables, and timelines will be outlined in a formal agreement.

12. Termination of Partnership

Either party reserves the right to terminate the partnership if there is a breach of agreement or if the collaboration no longer aligns with mutual goals. Termination notices should be communicated promptly, and any pending obligations should be fulfilled.